About Us

In year 2004, EZMarines Taiwan ltd owned marine ornamental fish farm in Taiwan and continues to provide the Aquarium industry with the highest quality and widest selection of marine fish and invertebrates. As our business grows, we still focus on the keys to our success, Quality, Variety, and Service.

We supply the market with the best marine fish in the industry on a short convenient flight from TPE. We are not only considered by many to be the best supplier in the industry, our marine fish are the finest available. All of the livestock imported into our facility is held for a minimal time period to insure highest quality possible. When the corals, fish and inverts reach our facility from our stations around the world, they are conditioned and screened for quality and color. We are then able to eliminate any loss and select only the most colorful, healthy and interesting pieces to fill your orders.

Our Taiwan facility  has been designed with the latest and most modern equipment currently available. We have created the best environment possible for our livestock including powerful lighting, chillers, skimming and specially designed tanks.